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Picnic Bog: 23-Year-Old Meat | Ashens

15 Year Old Canned Chicken Meat


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2 Year Update on Pressure Canned Chicken

15 Year Old Canned Chicken Meat All the "reputable" canning guides say that you should only store your home canned items no longer than one year. I imagine this has a lot to do with the reason all packaged food has a "sell by" or "best if used by" date on it. Personally I don't want...

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30 Year Old Food Parcel | Ashens

15 Year Old Canned Chicken Meat

Actually it's probably longer than 30 years, but who can be sure? Contents comprise of spaghetti hoops, ketchup, muesli bar, toothpaste and Lemsip. Yum! Twitter - Extra Videos - Facebook -

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15 Year Shelf Life Canned Meat reveal by Tim Ralston of NatGeo 's Doomsday Preppers

15 Year Old Canned Chicken Meat

Tim Ralston, Self-Reliance Expert and founder of the Gear Up survival gear brand discusses Gear Up's long term canned meats. Supplement your traditional freeze dried food solutions with these delicious, chunky canned meat solutions. Slow pressure cooked at a low 240 degrees and packaged in superi...

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