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NES Longplay [222] Perfect Fit

Fisher Price Perfect Fit Nes Played by: MrPopsicle43 Match up the pictures. The computer is an idiot :P

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RetroPlay: Fisher Price - Perfect Fit For NES

Fisher Price Perfect Fit Nes

Is this game the PERFECT FIT for gamers? Does it CHANGE gaming forever?'s not... Starring: CVAnimation, Yoshi1up & Yokijirou ► Use code 1UPTVGAMES and receive 10% off your next LootCrate Gaming monthly subscription. ► Want some retro games? Check...

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NES AtoZ 51: Fisher Price Perfect Fit

Fisher Price Perfect Fit Nes

In this series me and a rotating crew of special guests take on the entire NES library of ~750 games. Each game is played for 5 minutes and after that time the game is rating on a 0-1 scale. 1 being a good game worth playing and 0 being a bad game to never play. Enjoy! Fisher Price Perfect Fit -...

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Fisher-Price: Perfect Fit NES Original WR (3:34.50)

Fisher Price Perfect Fit Nes

This is a speedrun of Fisher-Price: Perfect Fit for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I completed the run in 3:34.50. I consider this a world record for this game because it is the best timed non-TAS speed run I have found on youtube. If you know of a faster run with footage please let me kno...

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