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Opening and Closing Oxygen Acetylene Tanks (Cylinders)

Mc Acetylene To Propane Adapter

This video demonstrates how I turn on the oxygen acetylene cylinders. Special emphasis on adjusting the regulators. This information is also in the manual that came with your oxygen acetylene torch outfit.

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how to buy used welding gas bottles oxygen acetylene argon tank Austin Texas

Mc Acetylene To Propane Adapter

What to look out for when buying oxygen acetylene argon and other welding gas cylinders, bottles or tanks. this video shows you the sizes and markings of tanks that can be exchanged as owner bottles and discusses what not to buy. oxygen and acetylene welding and cutting tanks as well as inert gas...

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Brazing With Propane

Mc Acetylene To Propane Adapter

Don't Waste Your Money on Acetylene. You Can Braze Just as Well With Propane. It Is Much Cheaper and Readily Available. You Can Also Refill The Tanks Yourself!

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How to Unlock A Locked Out Propane Tank

Mc Acetylene To Propane Adapter

How to remove a POL fitting type propane gas lockout device. Reminder: Stealing gas is against the law. Propane is also flammable and you will probably get blown up if you attempt to tinker with it.

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